Keymile is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Next Generation Access Systems. Its product spectrum ranges from IP-based Multi-Service Access Platforms to specific transmission systems for dedicated networks as well as for telematics applications via mobile radio networks. Keymile offers a wide range of support services beyond to hardware and software for data transmission, to support network operators to operate the products with maximum effi ciency. Keymile products are employed in access networks of telecommunications network operators in more than 100 countries, as well as in dedicated networks of railways and utility companies and in mobile radio and professional radio networks.

Keymile solutions are designed for maximum reliability. Superior MTBFs and long periods of uninterrupted operation are achieved due to careful selection of components. Keymile solutions have system architecture which is designed for top availability with extensive protective and redundancy functions. As a result the transmission path can be restored as quickly as possible should a failure occur. All system components and functions are monitored by a central management system, so that malfunctions can be identifi ed and rectified swiftly.

MileGate – IP-based Multi-Service Access Platform

With its hybrid systems architecture, multi-service access platform MileGate combines highly modern Ethernet functions with native TDM services. MileGate public network operators can deliver carrier-grade broadband access (Ethernet, VDSL2 with vectoring, ADSL2plus, SHDSL), as well as POTS, ISDN, VoIP telephony and data interfaces from one single compact Next-Generation access platform. MileGate provides highest port density and is ideal for all FTTx network architectures.

MileGate offers a modular chassis switch architecture for operators of dedicated networks. Due to the variable usage of Ethernet cards, the number of optical and electrical Ethernet interfaces can be modified to suit requirements. There is also a variety of different TDM interfaces and TDM protective and redundancy functions to choose from. Also fanless operation is possible.

For smooth integration of services, MileGate provides EoS (Ethernet-over-SDH) and CEoP functions (Circuit Emulation over Packet Networks). As a result, both Ethernet and TDM applications can be delivered using one joint transmission network. With its extended temperature range, MileGate is outdoor capable. With its high port density and different subrack types it is flexibly scalable and ideal for setting up new or expanding existing networks.

UMUX- Multi-Service Access System

Flexible Multi-Service Access Multiplexer for dedicated networks with PDH, SDH, and Ethernet support. The system provides cross-connect, voice and conferencing functions. A wide range of different data and voice interfaces and outdoor capability with an extended temperature range make UMUX a universal access system.

XMP1 – Multi-Service Access System

XMP1 is a modular, fl exible and highly integrated multi-service access system, that cross-connects a multitude of signals in one network element. The XMP1 provides a wide range of PDH, SDH, and Ethernet interfaces.

XMP1-LCC (Large Cross-Connect) expands the XMP1 product family. The compact SDH/PDH/Ethernet cross-connect multiplexer that combines a high cross-connect capacity with a high port-density in a compact subrack.

Network Management Systems

All KEYMILE products have extensive network management functions that guarantee optimum operation of the products from the moment they are used.