MMX has a clear understanding of the specific needs of utilities and DNOs (Distribution Network Operators) from a telecoms perspective. Such organisations have a range of priorities which require a unique and specialist approach. For example these organisations face numerous regulatory pressures to deliver on the promises that they have made in terms of network modernisation.

In addition, many of the utilities will have a very high health and safety culture which is both understandable and reassuring given the nature of their work. Due to the role of utilities in critical national infrastructure, the telecom aspects should also meet the highest security standards whilst maintaining a very high level of network resilience and redundancy.

At the same time such organisations are also facing skills shortages whereby their most experienced and knowledgeable engineers are not being replaced as senior personnel retire from service. Added to this is the specific nature of equipment used at the customers’ end points, including RTU (remote terminal unit), requires specialist understanding in terms of the type of traffic produced.

Fortunately MMX has a deep knowledge and sensitivity towards these issues and is familiar in addressing such challenges.

At the same time many Utilities are looking for alternatives for the legacy BT KiloStream Private Circuit which is in the process of being phased out. MMX has a range of microwave radio solutions for clients facing this challenge.


Smart grids

The movement towards so called smart grids will bring enormous financial and environmental benefits including:

  • Ability to notify customers about outages in real time
  • Power to improve load management to protect distributed smart grid assets
  • Lower carbon footprint by reducing the distance energy must travel
  • Improve customer engagement in various programmes such energy efficiency initiatives
  • Improved fraud detection

In recent years, the trend towards renewable energy sources in distribution systems has significantly increased and the rollout of smart grid technology to deliver low carbon networks is now a key strategic challenge for the utilities sector. Specifically utilities wish to modernise their legacy telecoms architecture in order to underpin their evolution to smart grids and they wish to evolve to an all IP solution within a SCADA setting (supervisory control and data acquisition).


What makes us different?

SCADA network design – We are specialists in the design and architecture of suitable telecom networks for SCADA use. This includes a range of transmission media including cable, fibre, microwave, and IP over UHF and VHF. This also includes IP routing using BGP and OSPF and associated architecture.

SCADA network build – Our dedicated team are familiar with the implementation and roll out of SCADA networks supported by qualified project management and project engineering professionals with the right experience. We operate a zero tolerance policy in terms of appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) and training in clients’ unique risks.

Integrated services – As a specialist system integrator in this field we are able to deliver interoperability across a range of systems and manufacturers as part of the overall solution. We also have a client demonstration suite for R&D and for proof of concept which is open for client use at any time.

Hybrid solutions – Our deep understanding of legacy systems dating back to the 1960’s enables us to provide innovative hybrid solutions that support the current and future demands of our customers.

Accredited skills – The partner certifications we hold are the results of years of experience providing first class systems to organisations, giving you the reassurance of our credibility.

Priority support – In addition to our support services we also have direct access to vendor knowledge, meaning we can where necessary discuss issues and discover resolutions directly.


Services that are critical to the utilities industry:

  • IP modernisation & smart grid solutions in a SCADA setting
  • Specialist Equipment supply
  • SCADA Network design and build
  • Network monitoring using 4G cellular router
  • Field maintenance
  • Engineering support
  • Logistics and configuration management
  • Document management
  • Cyber security


Contact us

If you would like to hear more, please get in touch with a member of our team. We will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Who we work with

MMX customers in the Utilities sector include Scottish Power Energy Network, SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy), Northern PowerGrid, and many more. We also have strategic partnerships with some of the RTU manufacturers which means that we understand the behaviour of such devices which is of great benefit when designing the communication aspects.

Critical infrastructure protection

In working with MMX, you can be assured our IP-based SCADA and smart grid solutions are built with the necessary features to provide protection of traffic between the distant station and the central control centre.