Telecoms staging makes sense

If you’re not already using telecoms staging services before rolling out network equipment, it’s time to rethink your strategy. ‘Staging’ or pre-preparing telecoms hardware before transporting it to the place of installation is an ideal way to save time on site. The key here is to only work with a partner that you completely trust, and who you know will deliver the correct equipment on time and configured to your exact requirements.

It also makes sense commercially for operators to outsource their staging and configuration requirements. Since most steps are carried out in a lab beforehand, it ensures that valuable engineering hours aren’t being wasted on site. Your engineers can start deploying solutions without delay, making them more efficient and saving you time and money.

Another huge benefit of pre-building systems is that any possible faults or defects do not occur on site, with out-of-box failures being eliminated before the technician even arrives.


The elements of telecoms staging and configuration

Staging entails preparing hardware for installation in a lab rather than at the site itself. One of the advantages of having no physical build or configuring on site is that the equipment is ready to install and works in harmony with the current network setup. This gives the equipment a ‘plug and play’ element  safe in the knowledge that it’s proven to be in perfect working order. In addition to the time saved, staging also takes away the hassle of cardboard and packaging being left across the site. As the system is pre-built, it’s more compact to transport rather than hauling multiple boxes of separate parts to site.

The actual elements of staging include:

  • Physical build of the system
  • Inserting the required cards into the shelf
  • Connecting the cabling for power
  • For network – inserting power supplies and accessories e.g. optical transceivers


An integral part of the staging service includes configuration. Applying the desired config to the equipment is key for allowing a speedy set up and makes the service bespoke to the individual. The client provides the configuration and then the equipment is optimised and set up for how they will use the system.

Elements of configuration that the client can choose to be applied include:

  • Correct features and settings
  • Which ports are enabled for a particular type of service
  • User accounts to be set up
  • Software versions to match the current set up in their production network

The final part of the staging service is transporting the system from the lab to the place of installation. The equipment can be delivered to the ‘tile’ or precise location within the data centre and is ready to plug in and use straight away.


Benefits of choosing MMX as your staging partner

As a specialist telecom logistics provider, here at MMX we are fully equipped to handle large scale deployments where hundreds of cabinets can be concurrently stored, staged and then shipped according to a just in time methodology. Benefits of choosing us for your staging requirements include:

  • Qualified personnel – Our expert team of engineers have the appropriate experience and are familiar with the operation of the equipment. We have conducted staging programmes for many high profile clients, each with custom needs.
  • Security – Bespoke configuration for our customers can be considered highly confidential. Information may contain IP ranges and passwords which need to be kept safe. Due to the confidential nature, our staff are security cleared and our site is appropriately secured and covered by CCTV. As for performing the staging and config service, we operate a secure cage with dedicated connectivity to livelink repository, resilient power and a card swipe entry system for authorised personnel only.
  • Logistics support – Not only are we equipped to provide the technical services, we also offer a full end-to-end, wraparound service that includes storage of materials pre-staging, the staging and config itself, transportation to site, reporting and a dedicated service delivery manager.


Do you need assistance with configuring solutions or complex rollouts?

If you are looking to cut down the set up time of any new networking equipment and reduce risk of dealing with out-of-box malfunctions, our team here at MMX can help you with all your staging and configuration needs. Fill out a contact form or give us a call to get started.