Spare Parts Management

MMX provides a wide range of logistics support and inventory management services to ensure that critical failures can be resolved rapidly through the effective coordination of field maintenance engineers and spare parts logistics. Managing spare parts effectively through a forward logistics network is key to supporting a successful field management team. We provide a comprehensive logistics network including: 24/7 service desk, 27 UK wide Forward Stock Locations (FSL), Intelligent Pick-Up/Drop-Off (PUDO) services, specialist same day (last mile) couriers, and dedicated delivery services to ensure that spare parts are delivered on-time to meet the engineer attending site.

We also understand that it is just as important to effectively manage the reverse logistics of faulty parts. We work closely with our customers’ field engineers to ensure the timely return of faulty equipment for repair using a wide range of services from same day to overnight returns options.

These service are supported by our central hub in Solihull which offers extensive warehousing consisting of 2500 pallets spaces, 1000 shelf locations, 5 fast moving parts carousels, and over 10,000 square feet of floor space all in a security controlled facility. We also operate our own small fleet of drivers to provide maximum flexibility for our customers.

Our services are backed by a team of logistics specialist providing intelligent capabilities for asset management, repair vendor management, stock analysis and profiling, demand analysis, and capacity planning. We also provide consumable procurement and associated logistics for our customers’ engineers.

We operate a comprehensive suite of business system to enable complete track and trace of all parts by part number and serial number ensuring a complete through-life history of all equipment we manage. This is achieved using a integrated solution comprising of our enterprise inventory management system and in-house jeopardy management, real-time service level performance monitoring and reporting via our web portal, automated message alerts,  repair management, and field management applications.

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