Network De-Installation

We provide a wide range of telecommunication network end-of-life management services including: de-installation, recovery, breakdown, refurbishment, re-sale, re-use, recycling, and disposal  for your used telecommunications equipment.

In an environmentally educated world it is important to manage network equipment at the end of its life. In focusing on compliance with legislation business often forget that telecoms equipment retains an inherent value that can be realised from de-installation through to recycling.

We can create a final return from your network equipment investment through our integrated end-of-life management services designed to optimise asset retention and to generate revenue from redundant equipment providing a fully auditable process conforming to all current environmental legislation such as the WEEE Directives.

We are also able to source and procure used equipment from the ‘grey market’ to supplement equipment repairs and spare parts stock shortfalls.

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