Spare Part Management & Logistics

Telecom Spare Part Management & Logistics


It will be evident to the telecom operator that a wide range of generalist logistics providers exist in the UK. MMX is a specialist telecom logistics provider serving only the distinct needs of the telecoms industry.

For us, telecoms logistics is a separate discipline requiring a dedicated approach. The reasons for this are well known by the telecom operator but include the high commercial value of even a relatively small piece of equipment, the complexity of part number convention and revisioning used by telecom equipment manufacturers and the time sensitive nature of deploying the right item to site at the right time. The value of services running over telecom networks are high, as are the criticality of service, and for this reason operators rely on MMX to deliver their logistics services.

The UK government has a stated aim for the majority for the UK to be covered by 5G by 2027 and for 15 million more homes to have a full fibre connection by 2025. Telecom programmes such as these cannot function without the solid foundation of logistics to securely store and deploy equipment to where it is needed on a just in time basis and MMX is playing a key supporting role.


Extensive facilities

The MMX central hub is located in Birmingham, allowing the whole of the UK to be addressed, and is close to key motorway links.

Our fast facts:

  • 2,700m² of warehouse floor storage
  • Over 3,500 pallet locations including 5 large carousels with a total of 368 large shelves for fast moving IRM (installation related materials)
  • Number of order lines per annum = 215,000
  • Number of individual stock movements per annum = 780,250
  • Total number of parts stored = up to 500,000

In addition we provide a comprehensive logistics network including: 24/7 service desk, 27 UK wide Forward Stock Locations (FSL), Intelligent Pick-Up/Drop-Off (PUDO) services, specialist same day (last mile) couriers, and dedicated delivery services to ensure that spare parts are delivered on-time to meet the engineer attending site.


Telecom logistics service detail

Our services are backed by a team of logistics specialists providing intelligent capabilities for asset management, repair vendor management, stock analysis and profiling, demand analysis, and capacity planning. We also provide consumable procurement and associated logistics for our customers’ engineers.

We operate a comprehensive suite of business system to enable complete track and trace of all parts by part number and serial number ensuring a complete through-life history of all equipment we manage. This is achieved using a integrated solution comprising of our enterprise inventory management system and in-house jeopardy management, real-time service level performance monitoring and reporting via our web portal, automated message alerts, repair management, and field management applications.


Efficient delivery

To ensure effective delivery of spare parts needed to maintain network reliability, we offer the following features:

Pick-up / drop-off (PUDO) solutions – Allows equipment to be picked up or dropped off at locations where a trusted person receives them, eliminating any risk of mishandling / theft. This nationwide solution includes using Intelligent Boxes, PO counters and tracked deliveries.

MMX vehicles – We currently have 5 of MMX’s own vehicles specifically for asset management. We also operate our own small fleet of drivers to provide maximum flexibility for our customers.

Specialist couriers – We work with a number of dedicated couriers including TNT, DPD and ByBox to deliver the best service to our customers, no matter their needs.


24/7 support

A key to our spares’ management success has been communication. We offer 24/7 round-the-clock logistics support for our clients. Contact us by phone, email, SMS or via our website at any time and we will be here to help. Go to our contact page for more information.

Track and trace

We operate a comprehensive suite of business systems to enable complete track and trace of all parts by part and serial number ensuring a complete through-life history of all equipment we manage. This is achieved by using the following solutions to give full traceability of stock history and manage all stock movements to ensure all SLAs are met:

  • Serial number level tracking
  • Real-time monitoring
  • SAGE inventory management systems
  • Jeopardy management systems
  • Demand analysis
  • Capacity planning
  • Stock profiling capability

Reverse logistics

We also understand that it is just as important to effectively manage the reverse logistics of faulty parts. We work closely with our customers’ field engineers to ensure the timely return of faulty equipment for repair using a wide range of services from same day to overnight returns options. We are fully compliant with all typical supply chain and logistics requirements for:

  • Repair returns management
  • Spares management
  • Emergency replacement management
  • Product identification
  • Discrepancy reconciliation
  • Packaging and labelling

Our logistics services

Take a look inside our UK-based warehouse and see how MMX's logistics team keeps things moving.