Telecom Hardware Repair Services

Telecom hardware repair services


MMX is a leading global provider of telecom hardware repair services. Every month we perform thousands of multi-vendor telecom repairs covering the full spectrum of Optical Transmission, IP Routing/Switching, Mobile equipment for both RAN and Core, Microwave Radio, Cable TV equipment and power supplies/rectifiers. We also provide repairs for public safety radio equipment.

Repair is a key component of the Circular Economy because it extends the life of the product, prevents landfill and conserves embodied resources within the product. You can read more about the Circular Economy on the Ellen Macarthur Foundation website. The Circular Economy is also backed by legislation, you can find out more about right to repair here.

Cases where equipment is no longer supported by the OEM can present a real challenge for Telcos since swapping out an entire network is not always an option. MMX provides a vital service to the Telecommunication Industry by offering multi vendor repair in order to extend the life of critical equipment. Our solution is also economically advantageous for clients compared to alternatives.

Our engineering capability and credentials enable us to fault find and conduct board level repairs to a huge range of manufacturers including Marconi, Nortel, Siemens, Ciena, Huawei, Juniper, Cisco, NEC, Ericsson, Eltek and so on.


View details about the OEM models we can repair on our Repair Capability page.


Our engineering team have deep knowledge of a broad range telecoms equipment and we maintain one of the widest portfolio of reference systems in the industry. Being part of the TXO Systems group is a huge strategic advantage since it provides access to almost any reference system that might be required to support our existing and new customers.

Our approach for every customer is to establish the reference system and to log in, to determine the fault, to conduct the repair and then to soak test following the repair to ensure the item is functioning as expected. Our test procedures are highly regarded within the industry and these are designed bespoke for the customer in consultation with customer’s engineering team. Finally the item is shipped to customer in ESD compliant manner.

Telecom supply chains rely on fast turnaround times and we offer a range of SLA conditions to suit the customer and the product type.


Detailed reporting and repair warranty

From our research we know that a common frustration for clients is transparency in terms of the nature of the defect and what specially was replaced in terms of componentry. For MMX such data is a source of strategic information for clients to improve their supply chain and business performance and is always shared in as much detail as possible. Our customers also benefit from a warranty on the repair for added peace of mind.


Very low beyond economic repair rates (BER)

One of our key points of difference valued by clients is our very low BER rates. From our research we know that clients can become frustrated by repair organisations that perform a superficial assessment and then declare an item beyond economic repair. Our approach is different in that we treat a BER categorisation as something of a failure and will always try everything and therefore BER is a last resort. This means that vital equipment is kept in use providing maximum utility rather than go to landfill.


Retrofit and refurbishment

Often where we see a pattern forming over time in terms of a particular defect we consult with clients to perform a retrofit in order to overcome this issue. Often this can be caused by moisture, water ingress or even pest activity in outdoor environments. Such retrofits greatly extend the life of equipment thereby reducing truck-rolls and engineer call outs, therefore improving supply chain and business performance.


5S method and telecom repair

MMX follows the 5S Method within our repair lab. This is a workplace organisation method used in automotive manufacturing and allows us to maintain efficiency for our clients.


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Telecom repair capabilities

  • Optical Transmission (PDH, SDH, DWDM, OTN) from 2 Mbps to 100Gbps
  • IP / routing switching / Ethernet
  • Microwave Radio
  • GSM / UMTS / WCDMA / LTE Core and RAN
  • UHF / VHF Radio
  • Access DSLAM / GPON
  • Telemetry, monitoring & control equipment for SCADA use
  • UPS and all Power related equipment including specialist Submarine Power
  • Cable TV and Headend

Service highlights

  • Repair of legacy and “non-supported” or “end-of-life” platforms
  • Stage, screen, refurbish, repair, and test equipment
  • Defective hardware will be restored to full OEM specification
  • Testing is performed within appropriate reference system
  • 5-day repair turnaround times, low beyond repair rates
  • Real-time tracking via our online portal and our jeopardy management SLA monitoring application
  • Management of third party repair agents where required in order to provide full service to clients with a mixture on in warranty and out of warranty asset

Value-added services

MMX offers a range of value-added services including fault trend analysis, design modification recommendations, obsolescence monitoring and management, technical component procurement support, and repair research and development services to provide the best possible solution for your needs.

MMX's Repair Centre

Take a look inside our repair workshop and catch a glimpse of what our engineers get up to.