Alcatel-Lucent Telecom Hardware Repair

Alcatel-Lucent now Nokia Telecom Hardware Repair


Alcatel- Lucent was formed in 2006 following the merger of the French company Alcatel with the American company Lucent. The combined entity had a wide portfolio of technology types including optical, IP and mobile. The group also contained the research and development operations of Bell Labs in the USA. In 2016 Alcatel Lucent was acquired by Nokia.

The MMX repair centre has the ability to fault find, conduct board level repairs and to test equipment belonging to the following Alcatel-Lucent now Nokia telecom hardware models. If you can’t find the model you’re looking for, please contact us and we’ll be happy to consider any request.


Alcatel Lucent Model Repair

MPR 9500

Alcatel 1642 EMC Edge Multiplexer Compact 

Alcatel 7450 ESS Ethernet Service Switch

Alcatel 7750 SR Service Router 

Alcatel 7210 SAS Service Access System 

Lucent Lambda Unite 1675 

Alcatel Lucent 1511 MAX

Alcatel Lucent 1511 BA Business Access

Alcatel Lucent 1660 R5

Lucent 1665 DMX 


Lucent 1643 AMS compact multiplexer 

Lucent 1655 AMU SDH Mux