The Nortel, now Ciena 5200 is a DWDM and CWDM platform for 10 Gbps transmission. It supports fibre channel, 10 GE, OC-192 / STM-64 and OTU-2 using tunable transponder card.

Nortel / Ciena 5200
Nortel / Ciena 5200 reference system in the MMX repair lab


This system is still widley used by service providers and also by banking and financial organisations for their own private networks. This was primarily due to the secure encryption features of the system. MMX routinely repairs all of the cards for this system including 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps tuneable transponder cards. In this system pluggable transceiver is not used, this part is fixed within the card. In addition to the reference system shown MMX has a range of optical test instruments capable of producing appropriate 10 Gbps signal in order to traffic test every card for functionality before return to customer. Custom test procedures specific to client requirements also available upon request.

Example part codes from Nortel / Ciena 5200 that MMX is able to repair


Part Code Description
NT0H19AA OC-192 / STM-64 card
NT0H19AC OTR 10G Enhanced
NT0H19AY OTR 10G Enhanced Tuneable
NT0H19AZ OTR 10G DWDM Tuneable


We are also able to help with a common defect with the NT0H14CDE5 card for the 5200 system.

To discuss your needs for repair of cards equipment belonging to the Nortel/ Ciena 5200 system please contact us.

MMX has no formal affiliation with Ciena in relation to repair services.


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