Juniper Hardware Repair for Telecom

Juniper Hardware Repair

Juniper was conceived to provide switching and routing products with the internet in mind and was established in 1996. The company produces Core Routers for internet backbone used by telecoms and ISPs as well as Edge Routers which connect to the core routers and direct traffic to the consumer. The company also produces smaller CPE ( customer premise equipment) for switching under the EX family. While Cisco is widely held to have the majority of market share for routing and switching products Juniper products are gaining in popularity and offer a credible alternative. Juniper is known for high performance and really low latency routing.

MMX has the ability to fault find, conduct board level repairs and traffic test the following Juniper devices. If you can’t find the model you’re looking for, please contact us and we’ll be happy to consider any request to build the required capability.

Juniper Repair Capability by Model


M320 Router

MX960 Router 

MX2010 Router

EX3300 Switch