The Juniper MX960 is an Ethernet router for the network edge whereby it is connected to the core network routers on the one side and external network devices on the other. It is used the world over by Telecom Companies and large enterprises. It is a large 16 RU ( rack unit) chassis and it has 14 slots. These slots can be filled with the large carrier cards which are variously known as DPC ( dense port concentrator), FPC ( Flexible PIC concentrator) or MPC ( Modular Port Concentrator). The FPC and MPC are then populated with the PIC ( physical interface card ) and MIC (Modular Interface Card ) the function of these is the same, to provide the physical interface and to handle packet forwarding. MPC /MIC is later generation. The chassis also contains the SCB ( Switch Control Board) which manages the data between all the line cards mentioned above, manages the overall system and chassis and also it houses the routing engine. 100 Gbps is supported using pluggable optical modules of various generation from CFP to QSFP28 as is Ethernet, SDH and ATM protocols.


Juniper MX960 Router
Juniper MX960 reference system in the MMX repair centre


The MMX repair centre is able to repair cards belonging to the Juniper MX960. Our service includes diagnostics and fault find, repair intervention and subsequent testing in the reference system post repair.

Note that the reference system is equipped with the enhanced power supplies and fans as well as SCBE2 and high spec routing engine in order to run later cards such as multi-rates eg. MPC7E-MRATE. Our routing engine is the RE-S-1800X4-16G.

To discuss your needs for repair of boards belonging to the Juniper MX960  system please contact us.

MMX has no formal affiliation with Juniper in relation to repair services.


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