The Nokia Synfonet system is both DXC and ADM ( Digital Cross Connect and Add-Drop Multiplexer). Cards belonging to this system can be repaired at the MMX repair centre. The system subsequently became Marconi portfolio. Nokia Synfonet is early SDH and provides STM-1, STM-4 and also WDM Mux as well as 64Kbps cross connects. It has both optical and also electrical interfaces. The Synfonet system followed on from another legacy TDM system known as Nokia Dynanet.  It was deployed to play the role of Transport Node, Add- Drop Mux and Cross Connect.

Nokia Synfonet
Nokia Synfonet Reference System in the MMX repair centre.


Example Part Codes that can be Repaired at the MMX Repair Centre


Product Code Item Description
P30305.82 C1.0 STM-16 Unit Functionality (P30305.82)
P31510.40 C1.0 SAN2M Functionality (P31510.40)
P31510.50 C1.0 CORE With Dual STM-1 Funtionality (P31510.50)
T30405.10 50 ohm Ethernet Line Termination (T30405.10)
T30405.15 2M Asymmetrizing (Tpye 43) Box Of Ref. Clock (T30405.15)
T30424.01 4-slot SAN cartridge (T30424.01)
T30428.01 8-Slot SAN Cartridge (T30428.01)
T30430.01 17-Slot STM-16 Subrack (T30430.01)
T30810.01 DC-PSA 19″ / ETSI (T30810.01)
T30813.02 Fan Unit Without Brackets (T30813.02)
T30827.08 Fan Unit Cover With Filter (T30827.08)
T31420.02 SAN2M 21 X 2Mb Unit 75Ohm Unbalanced (T31420.02)
T31490.05 CORE With Dual S!.1 FC (T31490.05)
P30305.80 C1.0 STM-1 Interface Unit Functionality (P30305.80)
P30306.80 STM-1 Interface Unit Program (P30306.80)
T30041.03 2Mb Interface T30041.03
T30084.01 Service Unit (SU)(T30084.01)
T30045.02 34Mb Electrical Interface Unit (T30045.02)
T30046.02 45Mb Electrical Interface Unit (T30046.02)
T30451.01 Rack Power Interface Unit (T30451.01)
T30404.02 Service Connector Panel ETSI (T30404.02)
T30083.01A Service Item For SDH (T30083.01A)
T30451.20 Subrack Switch Module (10A) (T30451.20)
T30053.01 System Switch (SSW) (T30053.01)
T30041.03 Synfonet A2M/2M Electrical Interface Unit,16 x 2M, 75R (T30041.03 & T30043.03)
T30043.03 Synfonet A2M/2M Electrical Interface Unit,16 x 2M, 75R (T30041.03 & T30043.03)
T30040.03 2Mb Interface (2M) (T30040.03)
31000.01 Adapter Panel 12 Slot [6 X 2 X SMB] (31000.01)
T30033.01 STM-1E / 140Mb Electrical 1U (T30033.01)
T30406.01 Rack 2.2 MTR W4/Backplate ETSI (T30406.01)
T30041.04 Synfonet A2MTA/2MTA Electrical IU,16 x 2M, 75Ohm (T30041.04/T30043.04)
T30043.04 Synfonet A2MTA/2MTA Electrical IU,16 x 2M, 75Ohm (T30041.04/T30043.04)
T30063.01 SWITCH TIME – T30063.01
T30170.02 STM-1 IU 4 Channels S-1.1 (T30170.02)
T30172.02 STM-16 IU 1 Channel S-16.1 (T30172.02)
T30172.03 STM-16 IU 1 Channel L-16.2/L-16.3 (T30172.03)
T30174.01 CDXC1 Control And CC Unit 1 (T30174.01)
T30175.01 CDXC2 Control And CC Unit 2 (T30175.01)
T30176.01 SMI Service And Management Interface Unit (T30176.01)
T30230.41 STM-1 ADM MUX SOFTWARE + CU (T30230.41)
P30230.44 CARD STM-4 ADM SOFTWARE + CU (P30230.44)
T30073.01 Control Unit (CU) T30073.01 Plus STM1 ADM Licence
T30073.01 Refurb. Control Unit (CU) T30073.01
T30054.01 SSW System Switch Unit 16 x AU4 (T30054.01)
T30013.02 STM-1 Opt. SH – T30013.02 (P30274.54)
T30023.02 Synfonet STM-4 Optical Interface Unit Short Haul S-4.1 1300nm FC/PC (T30023.02 Rev 3.30 Version ‘A’ or ‘C’)
T30023.01 Synfonet STM-4 Optical Interface Unit, Long Haul L-4.1 1300nm 24dB FC/PC (T30023.01 Rev 3.30 Version ‘A’ or ‘C’)
T30023.01 Synfonet STM-4 Optical Interface Unit, Long Haul L-4.1 1300nm 24dB FC/PC (T30023.01 Rev 3.40 Version ‘D’)
T30014.05A Synfonet STM-1 LH Optical Card T30014.05A (1550nm V-1.2+ SLM FC) S/W rel. C3.40
T30013.02 STM-1 Optical STM-1 S-1.1 (T30013.02)


The reference system shown is key to the repair process since clients want to know that our engineers are both familiar with the operation of the system, with fault finding and diagnostics as well as circuit board level repair. Post repair the board is traffic tested where appropriate to ensure proper function.


To discuss your needs for repair equipment belonging to the Nokia Synfonet system please contact us.

MMX has no formal affiliation with Nokia in relation to repair services.


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