The Tellabs / Coriant 8630 Access Switch is used for backhaul connections over fibre in the mobile network and is an IP/MPLS capable device for aggregation. In addition to MPLS it also supports TDM and also ATM ( because of UMTS/3G) . Its primary role for many mobile operators throughout the world is managed traffic aggregation in the GSM, WCDMA and LTE network. It is also deployed to handle traffic grooming and transport from the BTS (base station) to the BSC (base station controller) or RNC (radio network controller) in the case of 3G. It has ethernet interfaces and also those for STM-1, STM-4, and STM-16.

Tellabs 8630 and 8605 IP/ MPLS devices in the MMX repair lab

MMX has an operational Tellabs 8630 and also the smaller Tellabs 8605 device in our repair lab. This enables us to provide clients with the assurance that we are able to both diagnose faults and also to test cards post repair to confirm they function as expected. The testing includes full traffic testing. MMX is able to repair at circuit board level the control card and also the traffic cards belonging to this system and repair is a cost effective part of the supply chain for many mobile operators.


Example part codes from the Tellabs 8630 that MMX can repair

Part Code Description
81.86CDC1B00000-R5 CDC1B – Control and Power Card


To discuss your needs for repair of Tellabs 8630 and Tellabs 8605 Access Switch equipment please contact us.

MMX has no formal affiliation with Coriant in relation to repair services.


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