product_img_rad_productsMMX has developed a number of strategic channel partner relationships with industry leading telecommunications manufacturers to offer an extensive range of equipment to support our turnkey network build services.

Through our relationships with NEC, Ericsson, Transmode, Ruckus Wireless, RF Datatech, Keymile, and other specialist manufacturers we can offer our customers a complete spectrum of the latest technology. Our product portfolio covers: Microwave Radio (Licenced and Un-licenced), Optical Transmission (Transport & Switching), Smart WiFi (Indoor & Outdoor Wireless LAN), UHF/VHF Radio, Multiplexer Systems, and Monitoring Systems.


Network design and build (3)MMX offers a comprehensive range of telecommunications network build services from single microwave link installations, large regional turnkey networks, through to nationwide network roll-outs and upgrades. We are specialists in designing and building networks in extremely challenging environments such as offshore or in geographically remote locations.

Our services include project management, CDM Management, Network Design, Ofcom Licencing, Site Planning, Site Surveying, Equipment Staging, Forward Logistics, Installation, Commissioning, and Integration. We have the proven capability to fully manage your critically important programme and we have the breadth of services to continue to support your network throughout its lifecycle.

Network maintenance2MMX operates a nationwide team of field engineers available to respond 24×7 to our customers’ maintenance requirements. Our engineers are multi-vendor trained, multi-skilled, and multi-disciplined ensuring that we can operate in a truly flexible manner.

Our field maintenance team includes trained riggers, installers, and commissioners. Our engineers are trained to work in demanding environments where Health & Safety is paramount. All of our engineers are cleared to operate in telephone exchanges, certified to work at heights, approved by all major UK tower owners, and fully qualified to work in offshore environments.

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In addition to providing 1st and 2nd line field maintenance services, MMX also provides 3rd and 4th line technical support for our customers. Our services includes: network design, remote network monitoring and surveillance, 24/7 service desk and technical help desk,  hardware support, software management and maintenances, emergency on-site support, network optimisation, equipment training, factory acceptance testing, and technology demonstration.

Our services are backed by strategic partnerships with equipment vendors which enables us to call on deep technical support such as software bug fixes and technical updates/bulletins.

product_img_rad_logisticsWe provide a comprehensive logistics network including: 24/7 service desk, UK-wide forward stock locations, specialist transportation, and delivery services to ensure that field engineering teams are not left waiting for spare/replacement parts.

We understand that managing spare parts efficiently through forward logistics is key to supporting a successful field maintenance team. We also recognise that it is just as important to effectively manage the reverse logistics for faulty or unused parts. Therefore, we work closely with field engineering teams to ensure the return of valuable inventory in a timely manner.


Equipment repairWe operate an in-house specialist screening and repair capability covering the breadth of legacy and current telecommunications technology. We repair more than 50,000 parts per annum covering Core, Switching, Transmission, Access, Control, Telemetry, Monitoring, and Power systems.

We offer industry leading turn-around times and extremely low beyond practical repair and repeat return rates. For highly specialist equipment and for equipment under OEM warranty we provide a repair vendor management service. We actively manage third party repair vendor contract through all stages of the equipment RMA process with full track and traceability at serial level.

Network de-installation3In an environmentally educated and sensitive world it is important to responsibly manage your network equipment at the end of its life. In focussing upon compliance with legislation companies often forget that these assets can retain inherent value after de-installation.

MMX provides a range of integrated end-of-life management services including: breakdown, internal marketing, refurbishment, re-use, re-sale, and recycling, designed to optimise asset retention and to maximise any final return on your original equipment investment. Through our services, we ensure that our customers are fully compliant with all current environmental legislation for the recycling and disposal of electronic equipment and associated by-products.