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Expect more from your services provider

MMX can provide you with a bespoke satellite system over a wide range of bandwidth and data capacities. We have designed and supplied systems covering data rates from 32Kbps up to 10Mbps.

A low data rate option such as TSAT may surprise some in this capacity and data-hungry world. However, they are ideal for SCADA systems managing and controlling critical infrastructure assets across the UK and its territorial waters. Operators of critical national Infrastructure (CNI) such as utility companies. the offshore wind, oil and gas industries all employ SCADA systems.

The higher data rates are also provided by MMX for normal high-rate uses often deployed to provide an independent backup communications channel in the event of primary circuit failures. Such primary failures can prove catastrophic for oil, gas, or electricity production. Employing a satellite system as an independent backup is an insurance against such risks.

The majority of CNI owners and operators demand direct control of their own communication systems, thus ruling out the risks and security issues associated with shared communications systems.

VSAT gives the operator ownership of their remote terminals, and the HUB site or sites. When required it is possible to use third-party HUB operators to for HUB services if so desired. You will find MMX VSAT solutions deployed for utility companies and supporting offshore facilities.

Working with MMX to identify your needs, we will provide you with your own VSAT (very small aperture terminal) space segment. This gives you guaranteed and sole use of a specific slice of spectrum on a particular satellite. Your own HUB manages access to this spectrum and will prioritise traffic and maximise throughput across all your VSAT base stations.

VSAT is very flexible and can be used for single point-to-point connections or commonly on point-to-multipoint.

Our experts can be trusted to deliver even the most complex solutions, and we always stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends.