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Leverage the power of IP network technology

We are a specialist system integrator in operational technology (OT) for utility, energy (oil, gas and renewables), public sector and Government. It is well known that in these industries operational technology is vital to maintain safety, production as well as the overall management and control of the industrial processes. MMX has the competence and capability to plan and deliver IP-based networks in such settings.

“The key difference between IT and OT is that IT is centred on an organization’s front-end informational activities, while OT is focused on their back-end production (machines).”

Cisco’s definition between OT and traditional IT

It is also true that in operational technology environments, the data rate is often much lower than found in typical IT deployments and so for this reason it is important to select a system integration partner such as MMX that is familiar with such restrictions typically found in narrowband radio or SCADA systems generally. In addition to this proper understanding of security is also vitally important when considering the appointment of a partner to deliver critical national infrastructure.

Our services include the overall design of the network and associated IP scheme provided by individuals with the appropriate Cisco and Siemens certification. This is important to ensure that the finished product is scalable, secure, resilient and provides the required quality of service to the client.

Our IP design service includes document production of the high-level and low-level designs, survey documents, ownership of IP scheme and any proof of concept that might be required by the client. We also have our own software that can manage documentation and the clients’ asset register.

Our installation teams are familiar with the installation and commissioning of routing and switching devices including installation in hard environments typically found in utility and offshore environments and where installation standards are likely to be higher than in an ordinary IT setting.

Our project engineering teams are familiar with routing protocols such as BGP and OSPF, tunnelling protocols such as GRE, IPSEC tunnelling for the encryption of data between end points, and cryptographic key and password management.