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Take advantage of the best technology, tailored to your unique network

For over 12 years MMX has been delivering microwave radio solutions to the communications industry, network operators and the offshore oil, gas and wind sectors. The result of this experience is a slick end-to-end product and service offering. Once our design team has identified and designed the best solution for your needs, our field teams come into their own bringing decades of cumulative field experience to hand. They can operate on any site within the UK or offshore to deliver high-quality microwave radio installations followed by commissioning and integrating them into your networks.

MMX has an enviable reputation for planning, designing, supplying, building, and commissioning microwave links and networks. We work closely with owners of Critical National Infrastructure where microwave connectivity is a key element of their network topology. In addition, MMX owns its own microwave network which we designed, built, monitor, and maintain to provide diverse routing for the operational network of National Air Traffic Services (NATS). Microwave radio in this instance was seen as the solution to very expensive diverse fibre circuits to remote radar and radio sites.

When you need to deliver interconnectivity rapidly, the fibre option can let you down before you start. Not only can it be cost-prohibitive with excess construction costs, but the lead times to deliver a circuit can be extremely long. A much cheaper and more quickly deployed connection can be realised through line of sight (LOS) microwave radio.

Modern digital microwave radios use clever modulation schemes to deliver IP connections up to 2GBs with latency superior to that of fibre. All of our client base has cyber security concerns, our solutions have been successfully tested against MoD requirements and CIS20 standards passing with flying colours.

Simply by giving us the locations you wish to connect; MMX will provide link analysis using industry-leading microwave planning software giving you detailed a detailed link report. We determine the dish size, best frequency, path loss, received signal level and link availability. We can even apply for your Ofcom operating license.

MMX works with a range of manufacturers allowing our engineers to select the equipment best suited to your needs rather than fit your needs to a product set.

That is not the end of the story for MMX. We also have our own Network Operations Centre which monitors and gives remote access to microwave radio systems. Finally, MMX offers field maintenance services where we can manage your spare inventory and provide resources for active and proactive maintenance on your network. Truly a one-stop-shop.

For more information about the benefits of microwave radio technology, check out our blog, Exploring microwave radio: A low-latency solution for critical comms.