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Modernise & maintain your communication systems with a best-in-class supplier

Here at MMX, we have an extensive project portfolio and the broad technical capabilities that are needed to support you in achieving your goals. We serve a range of public sector and hybrid public-private organisations that maintain the UK’s critical national infrastructure. This includes government agencies, defence and public safety. We can also provide personnel with appropriate security vetting as required by the task.

Our typical engagements include network design and build, own and operate and maintenance and monitoring of operational technology infrastructure as well as supply only of spare parts. We are also members of the relevant crown commercial service frameworks.

  • The types of projects suited to MMX are likely to be around commercial microwave radio, ethernet over UHF and VHF, routing and switching, satellite communications, and fibre multiplexers.
  • Our portfolio of original equipment manufacturers includes Siemens and Ruggedcom, NEC, Racom, Cisco, Infinera and ECI (now Ribbon), and Global Invacom.
  • Our service includes aspects such as radio link planning and design, acquisition of OFCOM frequency, site acquisition, network design including the overall IP scheme, system integration, FAT (factory acceptance testing), site installation and SAT (site acceptance testing). We can also provide a managed service whereby the eventual network is passed to us for proactive monitoring and management.
  • We also have experience in appropriate network security aspects such as IPSEC, GRE, AES 256 encryption and so on.

Having worked with clients in this important market for years, we’re aware of the importance of compliance and regulatory matters. Our experience and capabilities in this area will ensure everything is in order, so there’s no unnecessary complexity.