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Time to take managed services to a new level

A completely outsourced managed service model can be attractive to clients involved in critical national infrastructure. For us, this means that we take care of all aspects of the customer’s project in return for a simple monthly fee. In this case, CapEx is replaced by OpEx which can be an attractive model and a turn-key solution.

We’re able to create customised packages to suit your needs, which can be flexibly evolved over time as your requirements change. Our service can encompass all or some of the following elements.


It’s well known that accurate site surveys are a vital foundation. We can provide both climbing and ground-level surveys to ensure the project gets off on the right foot.

Network design

Our in-house team has expertise in radio planning and IP network and SCADA architecture and design. We can select the most appropriate hardware vendor.

Site acquisition

We can work with third parties to provide suitable sites including towers for the clients needs.

Factory acceptance test (FAT)

Our facilities in Solihull and Livingston are equipped to host clients physically or virtually to witness FAT. We can devise and run the test procedure.


Our project management team is experienced in a range of telecom programmes including microwave, IP networking, VHF /UHF and satellite technologies. Our field engineering team is geographically well-spread across the UK and has a solid range of technical competence.

SAT & commissioning

We work with clients in industries where accurate documentation is a prerequisite. Our engineering teams can commission the equipment into service and provide SAT (Site Acceptance Test) to cover the technical parameters that matter most to the customer.

Asset & document management

We have developed an in-house software tool that acts as a repository for Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS), Low Level Design (LLD) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT) as well as the generation of these documents at scale. We can also provide this as an asset database.

Support & maintenance

We can support the entire network in terms of routine and preventative maintenance. We take care of spare parts management in order to respond to any faults as they arise.


Operators of Critical National Infrastructure expect the highest standards in terms of network security.

Monitoring & maintenance

Our solution for ongoing network monitoring which includes proactive investigation of faults before they arise includes our 24/4 Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Service Desk to manage the response to out-of-hours incidents.

If you are looking for a bespoke communications solution for your organisation, our experts are ready to meet your requirements.