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What makes us MMX? Get in touch with our team to find out

We’re experts in providing communication network design, build & support services

Here at MMX, we’re incredibly proud of our expertise in communication network technology (microwave radio, IP networks, SCADA, topside comms, satellite, etc.). Certainly, it’s critical for a business like ours. However, just as important is the process of choosing the correct technology to fit your needs. It’s what sets us apart.

That’s why our approach begins with understanding your existing tech landscape and what’s important moving forward. Once we know that, we dedicate ourselves to achieving the best results and value for you.

Underlying all these skills is our sustainable approach. Our engineers take special attention to creating quality communication systems that deliver more efficiencies while supporting your environmental goals.

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About MMX

As part of the TXO group, our origins are in sustainable telecom networks — so we have a deep appreciation for the role our customers play in creating a better world.

Through our unique blend of products & services, we greatly extend the lifetime of telecom equipment and help companies to address their sustainability goals and advance their networks.

The term “circular economy” has been gaining traction socially, politically and in business. At its core, a circular economy model is based on three principles: design out waste and pollution; keep products and materials in use; and regenerate natural systems.

De-installation & decommissioning

De-installation and decommissioning is a growing topic of interest for our customers. Whether you are upgrading or reacting to changes in corporate infrastructure (such as mergers, acquisitions, relocations or downsizing), our team of asset recovery engineers are here to help.

Identification & warehousing

Do you have live telecom sites with unidentified hardware consuming power and costing you excessive OPEX? Do you know exactly where to find the spare parts you need to maintain your network, 100% of the time without fail? If you’re not completely sure, our team can help.

Redeployment & resale

We’re passionate about overseeing every single detail to ensure our clients achieve the best outcome for their telecom networking equipment. Whether it’s our precise product inventories, our accurate market valuations or our unrivalled network of customers – when you work with us, you’re in great hands.

Data wiping & destruction

We provide certified data wiping and physical destruction solutions for organisations with the most stringent data security requirements. All work is accompanied by an itemised and internationally recognised certificate of destruction, proving that your data has been disposed of in a responsible manner.

WEEE recycling

As Europe’s leading recycler of telecoms equipment, processing over 100T per month, we are able to extract maximum residual value for component parts broken down in our processing facilities for WEEE recycling.

Asset management portal

i-TRAC – our exclusive telecom asset management reporting portal – is a secure and powerful online platform that gives you complete control and visibility over your technology assets inventory in real-time from any location worldwide.

Refurbished telecom hardware

We’re a world leader in supplying new and refurbished telecommunications equipment. This means that we hold one of the largest and most complete inventories of fixed-line and mobile telecoms infrastructure available anywhere. Ready to dispatch to you the same day.

Optical transceivers

Available at a fraction of the cost of vendor-branded equivalents and supplied with a 3 year warranty, our range of brand new optical transceivers are tested to your exact specification and offer a high-quality, dependable solution to build and maintain your network.

GPON hardware

We’re proud to offer a range of high quality, reliable and cost-effective GPON hardware for ISPs and broadband providers. All of our GPON products are backed by a 2-year warranty and are fully compatible with OEM equipment.

Cables & accessories

We’re pleased to offer an extensive range of OEM compatible cables and accessories. To guarantee the quality of our products every item is tested for functionality and interoperability on real platforms prior to shipment.

FTTx street cabinets

Bringing together our extensive network equipment expertise, we provide an extensive range of FTTx street cabinet solutions designed to meet any challenge. Discover an easier way to deliver high-speed internet connectivity.

Network design & build

We’re proud to offer system integration to clients in the critical communications, utility, oil, gas and renewable energy industries. Our full service encompasses telecom network design, build and operation (including site acquisition) to support key infrastructure projects.

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Own & operate model

A completely outsourced managed service model can be attractive to clients involved in Critical National Infrastructure. For us, this means that we take care of all aspects of the customer’s project in return for a simple monthly fee.

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Product supply & factory acceptance testing

We offer the full spectrum of options for our energy, utilities and critical comms clients. From complete system integration to hardware-only supply, with factory acceptance testing (FAT) and site acceptance testing (SAT) available.

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Support & maintenance

We love supporting our customers’ telecom network maintenance needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is all possible thanks to our expert team of in-house engineers, network operations centre personnel, warehouse operations and customer service heroes.

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Offshore teams for telecom projects

For quality and reliability, you can do no better than using our specialist telecom rope access team on your project. Trusted to take care of each stage, we give you the assurance that correct installation practices and care of cables and waveguides are taken.

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Spare parts management & logistics

All of the main 3PL (third party logistics providers) can offer a logistics service to the operator. However at TXO we have a deep knowledge of the needs of the telecom operator, which means that we can provide a more specialist, bespoke and intelligent approach.

Staging & configuration

When planning a telecom deployment for optical, broadband access, IP or mobile it makes sense for network operators to consider outsourcing telecom equipment staging and configuration services to a qualified third party.

Test & repair

Here at TXO, we offer a comprehensive third-party repair service for telecoms equipment. This covers optical, IP and radio based technologies at circuit board level. Our repair centre is located in the UK.

Remote hands

With our professional remote hands at your service, you can outsource routine maintenance tasks to a company you can trust. Especially equipment decommissioning and physical uplift activities, which will free up your team to focus on the more strategic areas of your operations.

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