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What are the options for public sector and utility customers?

It is well known that BT are progressing with the switch off of all copper based services and looking to migrate customers onto all IP based alternatives. This will impact telephone based services as well as digital services such as ISDN and broadband services that run over analogue lines. By 2025 this programme will be complete and PSTN ( Public Switched Telephone Network) will have been completely retired.

While most residential customers will be migrated without issue (save for those with medical needs where they are reliant on these legacy services) for business customers there may be additional challenges. For example there are still many legacy machine to machine applications that rely on these legacy services such as alarms.

In many cases BT will have a suitable product for the business customer to migrate onto. However this may not always be the case and for reasons of cost or specific technical challenges a direct replacement may not be easy to find. That’s where MMX comes in, and so for those involved in water management, power distribution, transportation and public sector we can offer a range of solutions depending on the specific scenario faced. If your organisation is in a tight spot as a result reach out to us for a discussion around some of the options we provide.

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