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We want to solve your toughest communications challenges

When MMX was founded in 2010 our focus was radio based systems, and having offshore qualified telecommunications engineers we were very successful in supporting offshore platform operators with their communications systems.

Working regularly offshore on radio systems, our engineers worked closely with the platform duty communications engineers. It was a logical extension of our service offering to support all the systems that they dealt with.

So, our portfolio expanded to include all offshore platform topside communications systems. The topside communications remit is broader than the basic definition of communications. This has resulted in MMX now being a regular port of call for maintaining, designing and delivering the gamut of systems that are included in topside communications. Our capabilities now extend to include VHF/UHF radio, microwave radio, IP networking, ASI systems, AtoN, NDB, full meteorological systems, and PAGA systems.

Over recent times MMX engineers have been kept busy providing complex topside systems to new in-build platforms for EPC companies in the wind, oil, and gas sectors. Along with supporting our owner-operator clients with system changes and upgrades to topside systems.

Buyers can procure elements of topside communications systems from individual suppliers themselves. However, they find this approach increases the demand on their limited resources, often requiring skillsets not available in-house to manage the tender process and engineering design capabilities. Preferring instead to engage a systems integrator organisation such as MMX that is ideally placed, through their experienced engineering resource, to do the heavy lifting and be responsible for specifying and integrating the separate systems together and with the rest of their onboard systems.

MMX assembles the topside systems elements in our own test lab and prepares the topside systems for a factory acceptance test (FAT) witnessed by the buyer. Once a system has undergone its FAT, MMX offshore engineers meet it at the station to perform the site acceptance test (SAT) and integrate it with the other systems on the platform.