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Build your extended Offshore team, effortlessly

For over 12 years MMX telecommunication engineers have provided offshore maintenance, installation, and commissioning services for telecommunications systems. Building up an enviable reputation for responsiveness, reliability and quality.

Our engineers are registered with Vantage, qualified to work in both UK and Norwegian waters and registered with ESUR with most holding BOSIET, FOET and MIST certifications.

We designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned several topside communication systems for new offshore oil, gas and wind installations. Our expertise includes IP networks, VHF/UHF radio systems, meteorological systems, AIS and AtoN systems, NDB, microwave LOS and satellite systems (VSAT and TSAT). Our project engineers design the systems, build, and test them in our own test labs where our clients witness a factory acceptance test (FAT). On acceptance, the systems are shipped to the building shipyard for installation. Once the facility is on the station our installation and commissioning engineers will complete the final configuration and site acceptance testing (SAT).

National Air Traffic Services provide location services to the helicopters supporting the North Sea offshore installations. MMX is trusted to provide installation and maintenance services to NATS radio and WAM (wide area multilateration) to these key safety systems.

As a full IRATA member, MMX can provide full rope access teams made up of telecommunication specialists. In the past offshore operators have employed non-specialist teams on telecommunication installation jobs. The work required is often far more delicate than non-specialist IRATA staff are familiar with. Our experience shows that this leads to delay and damage when MMX teams are called in to rectify issues.

For quality and reliability, you can do no better than using our specialist telecom rope access team on your project. Trusted to take care of each stage, we give you the assurance that correct installation practices and care of cables and waveguides are taken.