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Purpose-built technology that puts security at the centre

The ubiquitous coverage of mobile networks and increasing deployment of Private LTE (PLTE) systems make 4G and 5G good choices for data transmission. They bring cost-effective access to high data rates and excellent coverage in populated areas with the complexity of managing and operating the network provided by others. You simply need a SIM card to get connected.

MMX has helped numerous utilities deploy 4G/5G routers, providing secondary or tertiary connectivity routes on their critical national infrastructure (CNI). Correctly configured and integrated into OT networks they provide highly secure connections across public networks.

Security is a key concern for CNI operators, and they are often reluctant to use public networks, particularly for primary communications connectivity. MMX has the experience required to ensure your use of public 4G and 5G networks is secure and risk-free. Delivered by using routers with sophisticated Layer 2 and Level 3 routing protocols along with encryption and access controls.

MMX-designed systems incorporating 4G/5G routers for utilities have been successfully tested to the highest security standards. Let us fill the gaps for you that traditional providers may ignore.