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Take the first step towards truly reliable communication systems

Most people do not give a thought to the infrastructure supporting the delivery of gas to homes and businesses. In common with the other utilities, a resilient private telecom network is needed to support operational technology needs.

The gas transmission network is owned by National Grid Gas PLC which is part of National Grid. Retail distribution is carried out by a number of companies that are known as gas transporters. Within this, Cadent owns North West England, West Midlands, East Midlands, East of England and North London. Other regions are supported by Northern Gas Networks, Wales and West Utilities and South England, and in Scotland by SGN.

MMX is familiar with all aspects of the RTUs (remote terminal unit) used in a gas setting and also with SCADA traffic (supervisory control and data acquisition). This means that we can advise on the design, installation and maintenance of telecom solutions involving fibre, copper, and radio-based technologies including microwave and VHF/ UHF. As with the other utilities, diversity is a key requirement and so any solution is likely to involve the provision of a number of diverse paths such as fibre (including leased lines or radio-based).

MMX is currently active in a number of programmes to install satellite-based connectivity to be used in a backup capacity in gas networks. In addition to this, wireless IOT (internet of things) type solutions are thought likely to become more commonplace in a gas setting, and MMX is well placed to consult on the most suitable options.

We know that our clients understand the need for modern communications infrastructure, but we are aware it can be a daunting prospect. We’re well-versed in adopting the very latest technologies, and synchronising data between old and new systems, so our clients can rely on us to ensure the process goes smoothly.