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We want to support eco‐friendly projects that would make Greta Thunberg proud, so we jumped at the chance to provide our expertise in communication technology and smart energy to develop Europe’s biggest smart energy network demonstrator. You can learn more below.

Project overview

For this project we lent our telecoms expertise to support our client, a global supplier of reliable transmission and distribution of electrical power solutions, to develop the first smart energy R&D facility in Europe.


Our client was contracted by a leading education facility looking to develop their own Smart Energy research and development facility that undertakes world-leading research into environmental sustainability.

The client was looking for an innovative partner with expertise in communication technology and smart energy. The partner would help in turning the education facility into Europe’s biggest smart energy network demonstrator.


With sustainability at the core of our values since the start, we couldn’t wait to get started with this project. By using our expertise in smart energy our solution was to support the design and install of the project’s communications systems.

As the main telecom/network advisor to the project team, we started by conducting a full RF survey across the campus to determine coverage profile, with submission of report findings and recommendations. From here we produced a full project plan for every stage of the project.

We then implemented the installation and commissioning of UHF radio equipment from substation to agreed nodal points. We also designed and gave equipment recommendations for substation to control centre communications. To ensure ultimate security, we implemented cyber security protocols. Once installed, we ensured that our client’s whole team was up to speed by providing production training.


To ensure the ongoing results of the project, we have since been reporting and inspecting the network to ensure the project is proceeding in line with ERDF regulations. In addition to this, as part of our ongoing maintenance, we provide equipment spares and are available for callout services 24/7/365.

We’re pleased to share that as a result of our team’s hard work, we have supported the key objectives that the educational facility outlined for the overall project. By 2023, the Smart Energy Demonstrator will:

  • Support more than 240 local businesses
  • Create up to 440 higher value jobs
  • Save around 4,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide every year
  • Generate £40m GVA from £16m investment, increasing to £80m GVA by 2036

Product/service used

  • Project management
  • Network design
  • Product supply
  • Field engineering