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As a trusted systems integrator for the oil and gas sector, here at MMX, it’s imperative we only work with the best technology providers while supporting your network. With our deep expertise in network design, integration, installation and ongoing services, we are proud to take the guesswork out of OT (operational technology) security and safeguard your network.  

Radiflow is a leading cybersecurity solutions provider relied on by critical business operations around the world. Their solutions allow those responsible for IT security to continuously monitor and simulate attacks without disrupting operations.  

OT cybersecurity & offshore comms

There’s undoubtedly been a sharp rise in the number of cyberattacks making headlines around the world. It’s clear to see that OT cybersecurity has never been more important. This is particularly the case for organisations running offshore communication networks.

With modern offshore networks transmitting masses of data across multiple types of networks, operating them is highly complex. It’s important to remember that each technology needs its own defence against cybersecurity threats.

“Unlike traditional IT networks that can be cataloged and protected on a systematic basis, gas and oil OT networks are often made up of layered technologies that are integrated with legacy systems,” said Ilan Barda, CEO of Radiflow. “This leaves unknown vulnerabilities exposed to hackers while forcing teams to manage the reality that the cybersecurity perimeter is not always clearly defined.”

OT networks, and especially those used for critical oil and gas operations, need to be continuously monitored. We’re proud to be in a trusted partnership with Radiflow to be able to do exactly this. Together we’re here to harden your infrastructure covering all aspects from asset discovery and auditing through to risk analysis and threat mitigation. 

“We’re really excited to be partnering up with the Radiflow team,” said Matt Jameson, MMX Sales Manager. “Having strong OT cybersecurity solutions within our portfolio is an essential extension to our support for the oil and gas market. We know the risks are only going to get greater, so we can’t stress enough how important it is to ensure your critical infrastructure doesn’t compromise on security.”

No organisation can afford to take risks with their comms network. For more information, download our MMX and Radiflow joint solution PDF or get in touch with our team. We’d love to help.  


About Radiflow 

Radiflow is an OT Cyber Security company that has unique tools to protect and manage digital assets for the long term. They work directly with Managed Security Service Providers to oversee the discovery and management of all relevant data security points. Their unique pinpoint approach brings the businesses’ team into the fold, trading the industry’s one-size-fits-all approach for a calculated, focused, and secured system without inhibiting communication or productivity. With offices in Europe and the US, Radiflow’s solution is installed in over 6000 sites around the globe. Find out more over on the Radiflow website