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One of the world’s best energy resources is all around us, in the seas. In the UK and Europe’s North Seas especially, high and constant wind speeds can be found in its shallow waters, providing perfect conditions for bottom fixed foundations. It’s time that we all make the most of this clean energy resource.

For this reason, the UK aims to become the word leader in green energy. Government has recently outlined aims to make the country the main player in clean wind energy – creating jobs, slashing carbon emissions and boosting exports. Being at the forefront of the green industrial revolution will accelerate progress towards their goal to net zero emissions by 2050.

Britain is already a big player in the green energy movement, having the world’s largest offshore wind capacity which already meets 10% of its electricity demands. However new investments will be made to upgrade ports and infrastructure. In a recent statement, UK prime minister, Boris Johnson set out commitments to reach the new green energy promise. Head to the Gov website to view the commitments in more detail.

The North Seas can lead the change for a green future. Wind farms are being built further out in deeper sea waters, this boosts capacity even further where winds are strongest.

How MMX can help

It’s essential for the resilient data and communications networks to be in place for the successful delivery of offshore infrastructure.  Here at MMX, we have proven expertise in designing, building and supporting programs deemed as critical national infrastructure. This includes both onshore and offshore communications systems through our in-house resources. Our emphasis on cyber security and encryption makes us perfectly positioned for utilities and companies who need data and communications infrastructure support.

Our goals are aligned to the UK government with an aim to be at the forefront of the green industrial revolution. Therefore we want to support companies in the UK and beyond to shift towards clean energy resources with our topside comms services. We are confident that we are the go-to company for designing, building and supporting the data and communications networks for offshore infrastructure projects.

Our portfolio of offshore customers includes some of the UK’s leading energy providers, systems integrators, and managed service providers including: Shell, BP, Chrysaor, Perenco, SSE, Scottish Power, Petrofac, RigNet, Tampnet, Wood Group and many more. Read up on a specific case study where we support multi-disciplinary engineering company, IV Offshore and Energy with their topside communications.

Want to join the green revolution? Contact a member of our team today to get started and learn more about how we can support your offshore networks responsibly and sustainably.