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Trusted systems integrators of NEC and Aviat microwave radio solutions in the UK

NEC and Aviat have recently joined forces to offer an exciting range of microwave radio solutions. MMX proudly serves as the official partner for all private and corporate users in the UK. This means that companies in offshore energy, offshore renewables, UK utilities, and critical communications sectors trust MMX to provide expert product guidance, technical advice, and product sales.

MMX has its very own in-house radio planning team, ensuring that precise link designs are part of the package. MMX also takes pride in its dedicated in-house field engineering teams, who are fully qualified in offshore and IRATA. This unique capability allows us to provide a complete one-stop-shop solution for all your NEC and Aviat microwave needs, covering everything from your initial inquiries to network design, and from offshore and onshore installation to commissioning.

And that’s not all. MMX also offers comprehensive maintenance services for microwave radio systems, including waveguides, cables, and hydrophobic painting of antennas, making us your trusted partner for ongoing network support.

Ready for cutting-edge microwave radio solutions and expert support? Contact us today to explore how MMX, in partnership with Aviat and NEC, can tailor a bespoke solution to meet your specific needs.