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How does MMX help ?

MMX has been supporting Operators with assets in the North Sea for many years. For some, the requirement is simply the provision of Rope Access professionals with Telecom engineering capabilities and credentials. The main benefit in this case in selecting MMX is that it is not necessary to book IRATA qualified rope access teams and telecom engineers separately – MMX covers both disciplines thereby reducing complexity and increasing efficiency. We can also supply the right product in terms of telecoms equipment for radio and networking as well as associated peripherals such as waveguide and cabling and so on. This includes installation and commissioning of Private LTE systems offshore.

For others the need is the ongoing maintenance and support of existing telecom systems. Outsourcing such activities to a capable organisation such as MMX makes a lot of sense because the Operator can focus on core business knowing that their asset will be properly managed and maintained.

However its not just labour, telecom product supply and maintenance activities that MMX is known for in an offshore setting. We can also provide the full service in terms of turnkey projects. In this case EPC ( Engineering and Procurement Contractors) in both traditional and renewable sectors benefit from system integration services for offshore. The types of technical scopes can vary but MMX is competent in Microwave Radio, LAN/WAN, VHF for Marine, Aeronautical and Crane, Automatic Identification Systems, Public Address and General Alarm and CCTV. In this case clearly defined work packages can be outsourced to be designed, procured, integrated, tested and installed at the shipyard. MMX is familiar with the documentation standards required in an offshore environment.

For more information or to discuss your telecom challenges offshore please please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.