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Supporting the telecom needs of Distribution Network Operators

Distribution Network Operators play a vital role in the supply of electricity. In fact, in thinking about the entire system the tasks are subdivided into four key areas which are: Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Supplier. The DNO’s are licensed organisations and their boundaries are based on the former Electricity Boards. Their main function and role is the distribution of power from the transmission system to homes and commercial companies.

With this role comes a unique set of telecom requirements from the perspective of control, monitoring and safely relating to substations and this need is becoming more important with the evolution towards so called Smart Grids. Typically the DNO’s telecom network is comprised of VHF radio, Microwave Radio as well as Optical and IP network elements utilising fibre. In recent times in the DNOs are increasingly wishing to upgrade from legacy TDM technology such as SDH and implement future proof protocols such as MPLS-TP or Segment Routing. In addition to this DNO’s are keen to benefit from the opportunity presented by Private LTE radio access networks ( availability of spectrum permitting)

Outsourcing part of these activities can make a lot of sense because the DNO’s in house telecom team can be augmented by bringing in sector specialists such as MMX. This might be simply the provision of suitably qualified rigging teams to perform rope access activities all the way through to self contained turn-key type projects. In the case of the latter the whole process of feasibility study, network design and drawings and implementation can be provided by a specialist company. Alternatively ongoing support or network monitoring and fault-fix may also be of benefit.

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